Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Today it was time to finish the maraschino cherries: drain the syrup (save it!), boil the syrup again, add 1 ounce of almond extract, and pour back over the cherries, then process them for 20 minutes (pints, 25 for quarts).  I had a lot of syrup leftover and 2 thirsty children. It's 85 degrees and humid outside. I thought about shave ice.

For each of us, I filled a glass with crushed ice, then ladled the cherry syrup over the ice until the glass was full. It's very potent! (Hence the title of this post.) When I asked the kids if I could ditch the rest of the syrup, they said no. So I'm canning that, too. One quart and one pint. Now I know how to use all the elderflower cordial, too.

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