Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tidying Up

Today, after work, I had a little time to get some yardwork done and then I went out to check on the bees. I'd been able to leave them to their own devices these past few days because the weather has been good, and I wanted to take out the feeding bowl and the empty queen cage. While I was there, I stuck the camera into the hive and took a few pictures. Clearly, they are making progress. I wasn't about to pull out a comb and start examining it so I don't know whether or not there are the beginnings of a brood in there somewhere. I certainly hope so!
The front of the hive is to the left in the photo.
Anyway, I removed the bowl of honey water that had a few bees on it, but I hadn't refilled it since Tuesday and there was still some there, so it seemed like they didn't really need it anymore. There were a lot of dead bees in the bowl, I guess they drowned in honey. I suppose there are worse ways to go.

In other news, I brought a jar of strawberry rhubarb jam to the nurse who brings me eggs, and brought home a dozen local fresh eggs to enjoy.  Always a good deal!

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