Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sometimes It Has Its Advantages

Not splitting the farm share is usually mildly dangerous - I end up with way too much food and a finite amount of time with which to cope with it. Sometimes, though, it's good to not have to split the share. This time of year, as the farm is ramping up, the share is enough for a couple of meals rather than one, and the strawberry distribution is fairly generous.

This week, the strawberry distribution was FOUR QUARTS. No kidding.

That was enough for a batch of jam and a heaping mound of berries to eat. I made a batch of strawberry jam - 9 jars - and will set aside 2 jars for the Fair, 1 jar for the nurse who brings me eggs, and I will send another jar to Brasil with my friend.  [For Fair purposes, 5 cups crushed strawberries, 7 cups sugar, 1 package Sure Jel Pectin.]

Here's the rest of the share this week: 1 bunch Hakurei turnips, 3 stems of broccoli, 1 bunch Komatsuna greens, 0.75 pounds of fresh spinach (more than you might think), 8 radishes, 14 garlic scapes, 1 pint snow peas, and a small bunch each of dill and cilantro. I'm stockpiling the garlic scapes so I can pickle them - last year I made pesto and then froze little bags of it (more on that in a minute) and then just chopped the scapes and froze those, too. This year, since I still have some of all that in the freezer, pickling them seems like a nice idea. I might roast the turnips, if we don't eat them raw in the next few days.

I made my own version of maast-o khiar: I mixed 1 package of the garlic scape pesto into 3 cups of yogurt (I made another gallon the other day, this is one container out of 6) and added chopped, peeled cucumbers. It's a little too garlicky so, when I got home from the farm, I tossed in some fresh dill. Maybe it needs salt and pepper but I'll wait until we eat it to figure that out. We'll have it for dinner with lamb chops from that spring lamb share, pita bread, and some raw snow peas and strawberries. Sounds like a lovely dinner to me!

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