Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yep. That's a Lot of Peaches.

After dinner I finished canning that half-bushel of peaches.  2 more quarts of peaches in light syrup and one more pint of brandied peaches.  I decided I would just peel them with a paring knife rather than do the whole boil-peel-slice thing and it was less messy and faster. 

Overall, they weren't terrible for what I paid for them, but the other place from which I've purchased these in the past had slightly better quality.  Considering they're "seconds," and you get what you pay for, it was not too surprising that I had to throw a few out.

I also had to reprocess one of the pints of brandied peaches from earlier because it didn't seal and it had siphoned a bit.  I topped off the syrup, gave it a new lid, and tried again.  Hopefully it worked this time.

Soon it will be time to get to the remaining two zucchini monsters!

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  1. A suggestion for the zucchini monsters: Shred zucchini (I use a box grater) and freeze 1-cup portions. Thaw when needed and add to spaghetti sauce or stews. You can also thaw, squeeze out excess water, and mix with hash browns or make little zucchini latkes. I know it's not canning, but it's how I handle the big ones.


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