Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Canning Before The Storm

Perhaps you've heard, there's a hurricane on its way to the northeastern U.S.  And I have to work!  I plan to work this evening and then stay up there through the storm and work my shift and then go home when it's all over.  While I am not psyched about leaving the car outside in the hospital parking lot, I am more not psyched about driving in 60+ mph winds.  

Anyhow, I wanted to finish up the farm share canning projects I had going on so I could feel like I wasn't just cooling my heels tomorrow while I'm stuck at work.  So this morning I made pickled beets.  There were more than a few rogue golden beets in my stockpile of beets - they look ghostly in the jars of dark purple.  There are 4 quarts of pickled beets in this batch and I plan to give at least 2 of those jars to my mother-in-law.  One in the care package I'm preparing, and the rest later when they come to visit again.  She loves them and I'm happy to oblige.

Then I used up all the tomatoes from my garden which were ripe (have to get them all off the vines before the wind does), plus the farm share tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, and scallions to make this salsa.  It is really, really good.  I had exactly 3 quarts of tomatoes once I chopped them all up.  I used up all the farm share peppers and jalapenos and added 1 store-bought green pepper.  I used my scallions and a single store-bought onion and then rounded out the 3 cups of onion by using 4 cloves of farm share garlic and 2 shallots.  It made 6.5 pints of salsa.

This is what's left of the farm share from Thursday:
1 heads of lettuce
10 leaves of kale
1.5 pounds of potatoes
1 cucumbers
1 heads of garlic
1 large shallots
2 eggplant
3 small pattypan squashes
2 spaghetti squashes

I think I've done pretty well, then, don't you?

And my thoughts are with all of you in the Carolinas & vicinity.  Stay safe!


  1. Hope you are all safe during the storm!! Will have plenty of food that's for sure. So glad you made the salsa with what you had on hand, that's exactly what I do too, it's a easy recipe to change around. Blessings to you!

  2. As it turns out, I could have gone home and come back. But who knew at 12:30 am what to expect? So I stayed at the hospital and felt like a resident again - napping in the call room, padding around the hospital in search of coffee, chatting with a friend. The wind was impressive, but it's done now, my family is fine, I am fine, and it's all good.

  3. wow I had a whole post written to you and then my computer spazzed out! I was so worried for you during the hurricane. I am now very relieved! We had crazy weather too on Saturday, Hail and a lot of it. Lightening and thunder, fires and flooding.

    I am happy that all precautions were taken back east. Better safe than sorry.

    My nephews were visiting from Boston to see their aunt in Vegas and they were supposed to go home on Saturday, but was able to leave yesterday, which I was surprised that they could get out that early.

    I love the cranapple jelly and the rose hip. I don't know what rose hip is but it is good! I very very favorite are the spicy bread and butter pickles. I am not letting anyone have them, they are all mine, all mine!

    Glad you are good my friend and safe. Take care and talk to you soon!

  4. Thanks, Jeanine! We're fine. My staying at work ended up being a source of amusement for the staff because I could have gotten home and back given when the wind really hit. Oh, well, the car, house, family, and all is fine. As you say, better safe than sorry! And my vegetable plants didn't blow off the roof deck, either.

    Rose hips are the red apple-like things that ripen after the petals fall off. Best with the rosa rugosa roses, the ones that grow on beaches. Very high in vitamin C.

    All the best to you, glad you are enjoying the yummies!

  5. Hey, note-to-self, take note! It's too watery, might want to add clearjel or something. And MORE HOT PEPPERS!


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