Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Free Fruit!

My neighbors with the apple tree had asked if I wanted more apples. Why yes, yes I do! So I stopped by today with a jar of apple jelly from their tree for them, met their wee new granddaughter, and then picked 6 pounds of apples just from the branches hanging over their driveway. When I got home, I chopped them in half, cooked them with a little water and then ran them through the food mill. To the sauce I added about a cup of brown sugar and some cinnamon. They're currently in the canner: 2 quarts and a little more for me.

Also today I swapped out the bee food jar. The bees were a little more active today, one even landed on my leg (oh, yes, I was without the protective gear today) and made me a little nervous but soon left. There were about 10 bees attached to the lid of the jar, I managed to swap the lid to the new jar of syrup without disturbing them too much; they were still on the lid as I put the jar back in the hive. All in all, a relatively quick and certainly painless bee tending experience.

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