Monday, August 10, 2015

Back for More

Because this year has been so epic for fruit in our area, I have had a nagging little thought in the back of my head:

"Blueberries. You need more. When nature cooperates, you should stock up. Go get more."

The trouble has been finding the time and a willing helper-child. Our weekends have been filled up with work and travel so any trips to the blueberry patch would have to be on weekdays, and I have somehow managed to book my weekdays rather full. The kids have been at camp and then home and, because they were at camp, not so excited to leave the house again. Today I managed to make enough variables come together; I got out of work early, the weather was good, and the elder child was willing to go with me. We got to the blueberry bushes around 3 pm and left at 5. In that time the two of us picked 2 quarts of berries. In basically the same area we were at before, and not really having to move around at all. They are still so plentiful, and even sweeter than before. Must have been all that sun.

After consulting with my kid we decided I should make another batch of jam rather than put them all in the freezer. There were enough berries to do that and add 2 small bags of berries to the freezer stash. Now I'm on the lookout for elderberries. I'd like to make some jelly this year. The jam was too seedy. They should be ripe soon.

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