Monday, March 10, 2014

Finally, A Day Off

Usually, I'm a pretty busy person.  Lately, though, the degree of busy has been raised exponentially.  I'm not sure why.  I am working basically the same amount, but I seem to be home less overall or, when I am, I just can't get the energy to do much more than the basics - laundry, grocery shopping, getting simple meals on the table.  I can't figure it out.  So the one thing that has really suffered in all this is my cooking-hobby time.  That's why there hasn't been anything canned in a long time, and I haven't baked any bread or made pasta or anything.  I have managed to make yogurt on a semi-regular basis.  That's about it.

This week I don't have any shifts, which is a welcome change.  The reason I don't have any shifts is that both kids have concerts this week.  One is in the orchestra and one is in the band and of course their concerts and rehearsals are on different days.  It made it easier for me to just not work this week.  I still have to go in for meetings and stuff but that's during the day so I will be home in time for all the important things.  One of the advantages of the shift work I do is that as long as I reach my quota for clinical hours worked by the end of the year, I'm OK.  If I want to take time off, I have to bunch all my shifts up into a shorter period of time.  I'll be doing that even more this spring because I really want to take more time off in the summer.  I'm already ahead by quite a bit.

Since this week is going to be framed by concerts, not a bad thing at all, mind you, I'm getting a lot of cooking done today so we will have plenty to eat on the days when I won't have time.  Today I made a lasagna that we will eat tomorrow.  I'm currently making a pot of chicken soup for tonight and will make a batch of homemade macaroni and cheese as well.  I have a plan to turn the leftovers from a roasted pork shoulder into burritos for Wednesday.  Hopefully the avocados will be ripe by then!  I think that's enough for the next 4 days, don't you?

One last little tidbit of info - in the chicken soup is a bulb of celeriac, from the farm share.  Yes, the farm share that ended in October.  Celeriac lasts a long time.  I still have a few turnips as well, but I think I'll use them another time.  Maybe the next time I have a couple of days off.

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