Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birthday Fondue

I had to take about 8 photos before I got the drop at the right time!
In previous years I have made a chocolate cake of one sort or another for my husband's birthday.  This year it seemed like a good idea to try something different.  We hadn't had fondue in a while so I thought that might be a nice change.  I made a chocolate pound cake using this recipe which was the perfect density for dipping (and staying on the fondue forks).  I also bought strawberries and marshmallows but the marshmallows were just overkill so we didn't open them.  The fondue was a simple ganache with milk chocolate, cream, butter and vanilla.  (Heat 1 c. cream to boiling, pour over 1 c. milk chocolate chips, whisk, add 1 tsp. vanilla and 2 T. cold butter, whisk.)

For dinner, my husband roasted a couple of ducks and I made a mixed rice dish and green beans for sides.  Plus we rendered another 3.5 pints of fat.  I've been using the duck fat in biscuits, which are just plain awesome.  It's handy stuff to have around.  After all that yummy ducky goodness I have the fixings for a batch of soup which I'll make at some point soon.  Maybe I'll actually can something while I'm at it.

Two years ago it was 80 degrees this week.  Our yard was a riot of edible weeds.  This year it's cold, and grey, and not a single sprig of anything.  And we're expecting a big storm in 2 days.  So, no fresh pestos, no salad garnishes. Not yet, anyway!

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