Sunday, September 30, 2012

Checkerboard Cake

The task for this year's birthday cake was a checkerboard.  I hit upon using red velvet and chocolate as the 2 colors and made 2 layers of each cake.  Once the layers were cooled and had spent some time in the fridge, I cut them using pyrex bowls as guides.  Then I froze them to make them easier to work with.

Assembly involved popping the center circles out and making one or two cuts in the outer circles and fitting them around each other.  I used a fudge frosting to hold everything together and toothpicks to keep the rings from gapping too much while the frosting set.  This all went into the fridge overnight and then was frosted the next day.  I used 2 tubs of cream cheese frosting.  The first tub was used entirely as a crumb coat and to fill in the gaps between the layers (the red velvet cake didn't rise as high as the chocolate one) and the other tub made it look pretty.

It was only after I came up with my plan and executed it that I discovered that there is such a thing as a checkerboard cake mold which eliminates the need for all the cutting and assembly.  Oh, well, this was fun and challenging and it came out wonderfully anyway!

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  1. Interesting, lol, but not something I am going to attempt.


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