Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peaches Tomorrow, Apples Today

All summer I've been waiting to put up peaches.  Last summer I went to the farm closer to me but wasn't happy with the squishiness factor of the B-grade peaches I bought.  I decided to go back to the other farm, which was further away, and also decided to wait for the freestone peaches.  Well, they're in.

That's 4+ quarts of applesauce in my largest pot!
Yesterday morning I called to see if they would have any half-bushel boxes of the freestone peaches.  The farm staff left a message on my phone saying yes, they would, and they expected to have a lot.  So today I was in the area and stopped by at 11:30 am.  Only to find they were sold out!  I put my name in for them to reserve a box for me tomorrow and I'll go back there and get it.  It was a bit of a mob scene there as apple picking had begun and there were literally about a hundred cars.  Tomorrow promises to be no different.

To satisfy my need to can something, anything, today, while I had some time, I made another double batch of applesauce using most of the rest of the ones we picked last weekend and another half-peck of Macintoshes from the farm share.  I made 4 quarts of smooth sauce with white sugar.  This makes a total of 9 quarts so far.  I think I'll devote the rest of the apples I get this fall to making some chunky applesauce for those of us who like it.

And tomorrow, I'll go get some peaches.  

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