Friday, September 28, 2012

Local Grapes

A few days ago I heard from my friend with the grapes that she had plenty and I could come and pick them at any time.  (Thanks!)  I went today, in the rain, and got about 4 and a half pounds of concord grapes which were really sweet.  These got washed, and mashed, and cooked with water to make juice - I have plenty of jelly, so I think I'll just leave it as juice this time.  I even added the pint of concord grapes I picked at the stables and froze.  I think I have about 2 quarts of juice which could probably stand to be diluted a bit as it's rather strong.

In yesterday's farm share I received another half-peck of apples and I made another batch of sauce.  Both my kids are losing teeth right and left so can't eat whole apples right now anyway.  I had hoped this batch would be pink because the skins on the apples were pink but I guess I need a darker red color of apple in order to make a pink sauce.  Either way, the sauce is terrific and I got 2 quarts to add to the pantry.

The other things I'm working on today include a checkerboard cake for the 10 year old's upcoming birthday, and I'm going to roast a chicken for dinner, which has the added bonus of giving me bones with which to make stock.  Not that I'm running low, but my freezer is so full of vegetable scraps I need to do something soon!

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  1. I would love to get some free grapes! I like the juice idea. Real juice is not exactly cheap now and probably not made with the good fruit anyway. I still have some applesauce and just one jar of the pearsauce I made the other day. I don't use a lot of stock but did the other day to make chicken soup. My daughter has requested it again for this week, lol.


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