Saturday, September 25, 2010


Finally, for dinner, I tackled the frozen beef/tomato leftovers from previous "slow cooker osso buco" dinners. I sauteed one leek, 2 onions (one red, one white), 4 carrots and 5 celery ribs with some of the leaves. Then I browned cubes of beef and added the frozen sauce, meat and bones. I added 2 c. red wine, 16 c. water, worcestershire sauce, 2 bay leaves, and some pearled barley. I also threw in some frozen peas. This simmered for about 2 hours and we had some for dinner, mmm!

I put up 7 pints with the pressure canner (75 minutes, 10 lbs of pressure) and still have about 2-3 quarts of soup left. However, I'm out of pint jars again. I am seriously in danger of running out of space in my pantry again. The rest of the soup is in the fridge; likely we'll have some for lunch tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Donna! Just saw that you commented back about Kaya! Sorry for my delay! We just made a huge batch a few weeks ago. Processed it like normal, then at the end I took a stick blender to it and blended til seriously smoothly. Loaded jars and shook them down a bit..then we canned for a normal jam time. The lids sealed, but there seemed to be a little liquid inside the jars and the kaya firmed up from being cooked again--and we could see air bubbles inside(this worried us--but no problems and it has been more than a month). We think the liquid maybe from the kaya firming up. We have now opened or shared about 7 different pint jars and all are in good shape. I think the reason it worked this time is that I stick blended each set of kaya jars. So the kaya was very smooth going into the jars--no air bubbles(before we water canned it).


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