Friday, September 24, 2010

Apples and Jalapenos

The apples from the farm share have just kept coming, and we haven't even gone apple picking yet! I had 2 pecks in the fridge as of this morning. I grabbed a peck and, in 2 batches, quartered them and boiled them (2 c. water per half-peck bag) then ran them through the food mill. I'd like to make chunky sauce but I think peeling apples is beyond my capabilities at this point. (As it was, I got the bandage wet while I was cleaning up and had to go change it. Oh! Did I tell you I was now in a plastic splint rather than fiberglass? I can now get it a little wet without major complications.) To the applesauce I added about 3 packed cups of brown sugar and some cinnamon. The end result was 4.5 quarts and a big bowl of the rest for lunch.

While I was at it, I pickled 12 jalapenos from yesterday's farm share. I used this recipe but I only made 1/4 of it. I skipped the carrots and onions, too. This yielded 2 half-pint jars. I like how they look, with a few red slices in each jar.

Hopefully this afternoon I will go get more raspberries to make syrup. Depends on how I feel!

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