Monday, June 7, 2010

I Lost on eBay

Our town has been running a huge fundraiser recently, trying to deal with a $4 million deficit in the school budget. It's meant to be a one-year attempt to hold off some of the pain and buy the school district some time to come up with a better solution. Appropriately, it's called "Bridge the Gap" and, from what I hear, we're not the only town doing this sort of thing lately. The goal is $1 million by tonight. As of yesterday, they were at $418,410. Long way to go.

One of the fundraising efforts has been an on line auction, which closes tonight. The only thing I really wanted to bid on was a 3-hour sausage making course, basically a one-on-one tutorial from someone who knows what they're doing. Who knew I would end up in a bidding war? I mean, it's sausages. I'm kinda weird and was looking forward to learning that skill. I didn't think anyone else was! Well, I lost. What was listed as having a $75 value is going for $405, and not to me. Ultimately, though, the schools will win; not only is that other person paying $405, I decided to just donate additional cash to the fund which will get matched by my husband's company.

What I didn't think about until after the auction had already started was that I should have put up a canning lesson to be auctioned off. I'll remember that for future fundraisers; I am sure there will be many.


  1. I watched a special on Andre Agassi's school in Vegas. He was doing a tennis fundraiser. He was auctioning a 2-hour private lesson with him and Steffi. When the final 2 bidders go to their limits, he split the difference and let them both pay to play. I thought that was super clever.

  2. Hey Donna, I will help you with sausage making. As I read on the other post you won Too! Congrats! I would make Italian sausage. I have an entry on my blog detailing sausage making. I can't wait to hear how your lesson was. I hated using casings!
    But I LOOOVE making sausage. Maybe that will be on my next agenda. Hum???!


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