Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Farm is Back!

Our farm share started up again last week. For the first few weeks my sister-in-law and I are alternating weeks and not splitting; it just seemed easier that way. This week it was my turn so there I was, in my dress clothes and hiking boots, in the mud, picking strawberries and peas. Thanks to the share, tonight's menu is:

Stir fried chicken, snow peas and spinach with garlic scapes
Salad with red and green lettuce, snap peas, strawberries, radishes (from the farm) and cukes and mozzarella cheese (from the store)
Extra strawberries for dessert

Yippee! Glad to be getting great local produce again.


  1. Seem like your growing season is head of ours and yes it would be. I'm in pandlehandle of north Idaho.

    Coffee is on.

  2. Nice variety! I picked the first radishes from the garden yesterday. Spinach is also zooming along.


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