Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Kitchen Smells Really Good Right Now

Yesterday I made osso buco in the slow cooker, since I knew dinner time was going to be rushed (I had 20 minutes between getting home and needing to leave again) and the meat was so tender and yummy! Here's the recipe:

3 beef shin slices, bone in, dredged in flour with salt and pepper and browned
onion, celery, carrots, chopped and cooked in oil
1 large can crushed tomatoes with basil
1 bay leaf

All that went into the slow cooker and simmered all day. Mmm.

Today I'm using the leftover sauce, bones, and meat (not that there was much) to make soup. To what was left I added: another bay leaf, about 1 tsp. of worcestershire sauce, 1 c. red wine, 6 c. water, kosher salt and pepper to taste, pearled barley, garlic, and more onions, celery, and carrots fried in olive oil. After an hour I took out the bones and added another 2 cups of water (the limitation here is the pot is too small, so I had to wait until I made some room). It smells heavenly. But that's not all!

I also have enough time to make a double batch of baked beans, with the intention to can one batch and serve the other. This recipe comes from my classic Pilsbury cookbook. I've had this cookbook for about 20 years now. It's such a great, basic cookbook. This recipe is the kind with molasses, brown sugar, and mustard powder. It calls for a pork shoulder but I use salt pork instead, cut up into little cubes. That's baking in the oven right now for another hour and then I'll take out half and can it. I've done a little research and seen times ranging from 75 to 95 minutes, I think I'll just do 90 since that's the same as the soup. I managed to get all the jars in at once: 6 pints beans, 6 pints soup.

While I was picking up the 8 year old from the bus I found out one of my neighbors is sick, so I brought over 2 of the pints of soup. I'm told it's her favorite soup. Maybe it'll help her feel better.

My in-laws are taking the beef bones home to their dog, who will be a happy dog indeed with such savory bones! How nice that this soup has something for everyone. Except the 5 year old. Who just says, "no."

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