Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday Cake

"Mommy? This year on my cake I want flowers, and butterflies, and ladybugs!"
How can I resist?
I have been planning this cake for weeks. WEEKS. This morning I made the fondant, based upon instructions from The Decorated Cookie. I don't really like the taste of store-bought fondant, so I tried to make my own from marshmallows like she did. Several things I found out from just this part of the process alone: I am not a professional baker and the hand mixer is insufficient for mixing this particular substance. We could smell the overheated motor for hours afterward. Regardless. I have my fondant:I have my colors:I decided to not use my bare hands. Here's where the "doctor" part comes into play - vinyl gloves! This works, but only if you grease them first, I used margarine. Hands were nice and clean, and I have 5 little piles of tinted fondant:Do you think I used too much, maybe?

Now we need our cake, made in the flower mold which has been useful for at least 3 previous birthday cakes:

While this is cooling I'm working on the butterflies. My fondant was really floppy, not stiff at all, and when I tried rolling it out between sheets of waxed paper it became glued to the paper and not useful at all. So I hand molded all the butterflies and the proto-ladybugs.

After this I rested and watched whatever bad movie they put on TV on a Saturday afternoon while the cake cooled. Then it was time to frost it. I think, all in all, it came out pretty OK!

But the butterflies do keep falling over...

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