Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Every year I optimistically plant vegetables. I did this even when we lived in the city, on a roof deck that required hauling water daily up an iron spiral staircase which jutted out over the parking lot, 3 stories below. I had a love/hate relationship with that staircase... And every year I get a few vegetables which either end up on the table or incorporated into something canned. Not very much, mind you, but something.

I keep trying. This year I have big tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, and summer squashes. I haven't tried squashes in a container before, but I'm tired of the bunnies and chipmunks eating whatever I've got at ground level. So they're up there this year, too. Usually the way I get squash is that something grows out of the compost heap, does really well, and then when a squash is just about ready to eat, I'm beaten to it by some little critter. One year the chipmunks took the corn. Stalks and all. Pulled them right into their little burrows. One day the corn was almost ready, the next day the entire plants were missing. It was like an alien abduction - there wasn't even any evidence there had been a plant there.

So far the leeks haven't grown and the peas have proved irresistible to the bunnies. We have gotten a grand total of 5 strawberries. All attempts at sunflowers have been gnawed off. I'm hoping the rooftop one does better. And the new soaker hose is doing great.

The farm share starts next week (yay!). I'm betting we'll get bok choy and lettuce.


  1. Good luck! Are you sure it was bunnies that ate the peas? Might be voles (they go for carrots too), or, if they didn't sprout at all, birds going for the seeds. That was my problem last year, but this year the peas are mostly sprouting. I spent 2 1/2 hours planting seeds and seedlings in the garden yesterday, but the birds were hovering nearby. Like a Hitchcock movie.

  2. Well, we had peas sprout but when I checked them they were definitely nibbled. I have a family of bunnies in that thicket in the back corner of the yard; we've seen big bunnies and baby bunnies all spring. I have not seen any chipmunks yet this year. Nor have I seen the critter which was likely a vole which I have seen in the past few years. So I'm guessing bunnies. Good luck with your garden!


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