Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kale and Chourico Soup

We had a few leftover links of chourico in the fridge waiting for the right recipe. The first 2 links had been steamed with mussels in a tomato sauce (a favorite from my teen years in Rhode Island). But what to do with the other 2 links? Then I happened to buy some kale and sausage soup for lunch one day last week, so those canning gears in my brain started turning again. I followed this recipe I found on line and made a big pot full but added sliced mushrooms and scallions. As I didn't have the "Bayou Blast", I used Old Bay Seasoning, 1 heaping tablespoon. After having some for dinner (wishing I'd thought ahead a little more and put the breadmaker to use again) I put up the rest. Out came the pressure canner and I ended up with 2 quarts and 2 pints.

And, yay! Nothing broke this time!

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