Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Updated Inventory

In order to keep track of my inventory, I decided to update the list and also put in how many jars of each I have. Usually I write a number on the lid of the jar on the shelf so I know how many are below in the boxes. But this will hopefully help me (I found at least one error in the process of going through everything...):
  • Jams: Strawberry Jalapeno (2), Strawberry Lavender (2), Wild Blueberry (5), Golden Plum (4), Red Plum (3), Peach (5), Peach Jalapeno (3), Cranberry Habanero (4), Raspberry (4), Rhubarb Pineapple (2), Apple Pie in a Jar (2), Carrot Cake (2), Fig (3), Quince (with Vanilla beans (3), crystallized ginger (2), cardamom pods (3), and cinnamon sticks (1) in the jars), Peach Marmalade (1), Strawberry Rhubarb (5), Sangria (1), Pineapple Mint (4), Meyer Lemon Marmalade (4), Blackberry (5).
  • Jellies: Concord Grape (4), Muscat Grape (7), Spiced Plum (3), Mint (from my garden) (6), Zesty Watermelon (2), Vanilla Pear (4).
  • Preserves and Compotes: Black Forest Macaroon (2), Pear Almond Compote (3).
  • Fruit in syrup: Peaches (1), Mulberries (1), Blueberries (2), Strawberries (4), Raspberries (2).
  • Brandied Peaches (1).
  • Apple Butter (2).
  • Meyer Lemon Curd (1).
  • Chutney: Rhubarb (5).
  • Salsa (tomatoes, cukes, and peppers from last year's garden) (3).
  • Sauces: Cranberry (2), Applesauce (3).
  • Tomato Sauces: with Italian Spices (1).
  • Pickles: Fiddleheads (4), Dill (4), Bread and Butter (3), Eggplant (1), Watermelon Rind (1), Three Bean Salad (1), Toorshi (1).
  • Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate (1).
  • Stewed Rhubarb (2).
  • Pumpkin (3).
  • Meat Stock: Beef (6), Turkey (2), Chicken (2).
  • Soups: Turkey Vegetable (1), Split Pea with Ham (1), Kale and Chourico (4).
  • Chili (4).
This also helps me plan for the summer - I need to make at least 2 batches of strawberry jam and more of the strawberry lemonade concentrate (that was a favorite). More tomato sauce, but with just persian spices this time. Those got used up pretty quickly. Spicier salsa. Definitely more peaches - they keep really well. No plums in syrup - they disintegrate. I need to send the kids out for mulberries again or see if my neighbor will give me some from her trees. Applesauce always goes fast, will have to go apple picking in the fall again.

I also am splitting a farm share with my sister-in-law and hopefully will get lots of beets, cukes, and other things I can pickle. The dills are popular. The B&B recipe I used last year, with rice vinegar, tasted good but the cukes were too thick. I need to cut them thinner. Everyone liked the beets in the 3 bean salad so I think I'll try that again.

Another thing - the pineapple mint jam is AWESOME on lamb chops. And baked potatoes. Thanks to Mom for that suggestion!


  1. OK, anytime I see the words "persian spices" and "zesty watermelon" on a blog, I just KNOW I'm going to have to do some back-reading!!!


  2. Agree with Meadowlark, I need to back-read!! I love the sound of your canned goods (I see many on that list I may have to ask about if I can't find a recipe, LOL!)

  3. I agree with Gina. Just found your blog and it is very awesome. Perhaps you can share some wisdom about pickling eggplant?


  4. I wish I could, LMR. But I just tossed the eggplant. It really didn't come out the way I had hoped, and they looked like slugs. The recipes I found all involved a lot of oil, and I chose to pickle them with vinegar, etc., and I just couldn't bring myself to eat them after tasting them the first time. Maybe I'll come up with something better another time....


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