Monday, August 10, 2020

Blueberry Season

We went camping in NH for the past 2 nights, which was fun despite the occasional rainstorm. It was a nice break from the daily routine here at home as we haven't been able to do any of the vacationing we'd hoped and planned to do. So, we found an even more socially distant diversion. We hiked, and swam in the pond at the campsite, and cooked a lot, and made s'mores, and picked blueberries.

At the campsite there was a patch of wild blueberry bushes and the elderchild and I found time to pick a bunch; we ended up with about 3 cups that we brought back and tomorrow I will make a pie. However, there was also a nearby blueberry farm and we stopped there on our way home. In about half an hour the four of us picked roughly 7-8 pints of berries. These are cultivated berries, so larger and not as sweet. 

Tonight, after a lot of laundry and getting dinner organized, I made blueberry jam with the berries we picked from the farm. I ended up using all of them with 6.5 cups of sugar and made a jam without added pectin. Ultimately that made 10 cups of jam which is sweet and spreadable. I'd been worried that we were going to miss blueberry season so am glad we found them!

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