Sunday, July 21, 2019

My Plan Worked?


A few weeks ago I discovered that the bee colony split off from the main one was queenless. So I took some brood comb from the other hive and combined them. Today, before it got too crazy hot, I went out to remove the combiner board and check on things. I only went into that hive today and I'm reassured by what I found. They had chewed through the paper, everyone seemed to be getting along, and there was the thing I hoped to find: capped worker brood cells in the original section.

I did not go into the other hive, it's still pretty early in the day and they're full up of bees. When it cools down I will check on them. Meanwhile, I will plan to move one of my colonies into a Langstroth. I'm hoping this will help me deal with the cramped quarters issue more easily. 

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