Sunday, June 9, 2019

Two Hives Again

One of the issues I have with these top bar hives is that when the colony expands, they have no place to go but to leave. With a Langstroth I'd be able to tack on another box and give them room so they'd be less likely to swarm. I've been looking into a Langstroth setup, as it might make things easier in the long run but, for now, I have these two top bar hives.

When I checked on Beeyoncé's hive today it was FULL. Brood, honey, everything. The colony had moved all the way to the back and was starting to make swarm cells. I was prepared for this, however, so I moved the combs with the swarm cells and some honey comb into the other hive. I did not see Beeyoncé, which always worries me a bit when I do this, because I am afraid that if I move her into the other hive by accident I'll mess up the dynamic. I looked at each comb I sent over as carefully as possible and didn't see her, but I didn't see her on the ones that were left, either. It's quite possible I just missed her as there were SO MANY BEES.

I plan to leave them alone for the next few weeks and will check on them towards the end of the month. By then I should know if they're both queened and doing OK.

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