Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Experiments With Legion

Generally when I use Legion to make bread, I use all purpose flour and sugar because the youngerchild prefers this bread for sandwiches and is less of a fan of whole wheat. However, I had a few egg yolks lying around from another project and also found a white whole wheat flour I wanted to try. So I used that flour - the mix was about 2 parts whole wheat flour and 1 part all purpose flour. The sugar was the same. I did toss in the egg yolks (3) and adjusted the water accordingly. In general, I have been trying to add more water because I find that the final product is softer. My batch always makes 3 loaves.

The bread came out a light brown, the color of raw sugar, rather than the really dark whole wheat or the regular white; this is likely due to the flour choice. The crumb was also a bit softer, which I attribute to the egg yolks. We ate almost an entire loaf while it was still warm. YUM.

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