Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Getting Ready

The fair deadline is next week and I'm trying to see how many things I can enter this year. This morning I made another half-batch of salsa verde and will enter those two 8-ounce jars in the "Salsa" category. I think it fits better in that category rather than the "Fruit Salsa" class. Here's a full tally of the (so far) 9 classes I'm entering:

A-3: 3 different jams, 1 jar each - for this I'm doing 3 variations on strawberry jam: thyme, lavender, and margarita.
B-24: Salsa (salsa verde)
C-3: Dill Pickles
C-7: Bread and Butter Pickles
C-10: Other pickled vegetables (carrots)
D-1: Sweet relish (zucchini)
H-1: Strawberry Jam
H-2: Raspberry Jam
H-8: Other Jam (apricot)

If I can swing it I might get rose hips this weekend and make rose hip jelly; I'd enter that, too. Maximum number of classes a person can enter is 15, I don't think I'm going to get that many!

Meanwhile, I am inundated with tomatoes so have to get some onions, garlic, celery and olives and will make more salsa and caponata this evening.

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  1. This salsa verde placed first in the salsa class at the fair!


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