Saturday, August 27, 2016

Farewell, Queen Beeulah

This morning around 5 am that other beekeeper came to get the nuc colony. We were going to do this last night but it was still too warm so we both reasoned that it would be cooler and easier before the sun came up. I think that was definitely the case but the bees weren't as inactive as we'd hoped.

We went out with mesh, duct tape, a smoker and a lantern and gradually shooed the bees who had gathered at the entrance back into the nuc box. Then we quickly covered the opening with the mesh and taped it down. Some of the bees that got out were not very happy with us! We were well protected and they just made a lot of noise but didn't sting us.

Once we got the hive closed up he put it in the trunk of his car and drove them to his bee yard. He lives near a very large conservation area so hopefully the bees will be more than happy in their new home. Queen Beeulah and her family will have more space and, hopefully, more food!

Now I can focus on Queen Beatrix again and get that hive in as good shape as possible for the winter.

Sting count (today): 0
Total sting count: 30.

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