Sunday, February 28, 2016

They Live!

My bees, as of today, are alive!

It is 60 degrees out and sunny so I went to check on them, finally. While there are a lot of dead bees in front of the hive this is not unexpected. They are supposed to have a big die-off over the winter and then repopulate by spring. I pulled back one insulation panel so I could see the window and, very quickly, a bunch of bees started working their way to the window and then out the door. Hopefully that didn't confuse them too much. It's going to be warm for the next 4-5 days and then cold again. There was a lot of the fondant gone but there did seem to be plenty left if they need it.

Also today I assisted in a dumpling making class at school, which was super fun. Some of my home experiences came in handy, such as when the meat grinder attachment for the Kitchen Aid needed to be set up. That, I could do. There were six different kinds of dumplings including: wontons for soup, shrimp ones, pork ones, lamb ones, soup dumplings, and rice flour ones stuffed with black sesame paste. They all tasted amazing.

When I got home I started a batch of yogurt and also worked on some of the stages for my project for school. We each have to come up with a dessert that uses an unusual fruit, herb and spice. More on that later, I'm bringing it in on Tuesday to class and I'll give a full report after. I've already made it once, last weekend, for my family, and I think it'll be well received.

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