Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Checkerboard Cake, Improved

This time, with the proper equipment!

For the now 10-year-old's birthday, there was a request for a checkerboard cake.  I'd made one before, without the fancy mold, and soon realized my error!  For this one, I purchased the little mold that allowed for the different colors of cake to be poured in more easily.  It would have been easy if I used cake mixes but, since I made the cakes from scratch, the batter was thicker, so the batter needed to be spooned in and then smoothed out.  Regardless, I was able to get the layers done yesterday and frosted it today.

For the chocolate part, I used the chocolate sour cream cake I usually do.  For the white part, I used this recipe.  The textures are similar which is nice.

After 12 kids and 6 adults ate cake at the party, there was nothing left!

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