Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baby Back Ribs

A few weeks ago, my husband traveled to Brownsville, Texas, to give a presentation.  He came back with a present for me:  Hot Peach Jam, which was purchased at a local farmers' market. (It's made in Brownsville and my husband met the person who made the jam.)  He sent me a photo of it while he was there.  I immediately thought of spare ribs and said, "Yes, please, bring that home!"

While I was in the store today, I found packages of baby back ribs, sliced into individual ribs.  I've never really done ribs before, but I love them, and then this jam popped into my head so I had to get them.  But, how to cook them?  I would have to wing it a little.

First I rubbed the ribs with Corky's dry rub and then placed them on racks in two baking pans.  Both pans were covered with foil and then they were baked at 300 degrees for almost 2 hours.  After that, I basted one pan with peach jam and one with the hot peach jam, and turned the heat up to 375.  The texture of the hot peach jam lent itself to basting.  It was smoother than the jam I made.  I put the ribs back in the oven, uncovered.  They baked for an additional 45 minutes and, halfway through, I turned them over and basted them again.

They were really, really good!

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