Thursday, March 26, 2015

Turducken, Revisited

It's becoming something of an annual tradition, even if I don't manage to make a batch of this soup at exactly the same time.  First, I need turkey stock, which I make after Thanksgiving.  Then I need some ducks, of which we've had a lot recently.  And some chicken stock and meat, which I tend to have year round.

Yesterday, after making a batch of yogurt, I started the process to make duck stock.  I roasted the bones from 3 ducks at 350 for a little over an hour, and then simmered them with 7-8 quarts of water (I lost count), some vegetable scraps, salt, pepper, and bay.  I set aside what I thought was 4 pints of stock for canning, but turned out to be 3, and then made soup with the rest:

3 quarts (roughly) duck stock
1 quart chicken stock
2 quarts turkey stock
diced chicken meat
diced duck meat (from 2 ducks)
2 cups chopped leeks
3 carrots, diced
5 ribs celery, diced
1 box (about 2/3 cup) wild rice
1/2 cup farro
24 ounces of gourmet mushrooms
salt to taste

As usual, the vegetables were sauteed prior to adding the stock and the meat.  The whole thing simmered for the better part of a day, although I turned it off for a few hours while I was out of the house.  We ate some for dinner last night and the rest was set aside to can today.  First I canned the 3 pints of stock, at 10 pounds of pressure for 20 minutes, and now I'm canning 6 quarts of soup, at 10 pounds of pressure for 90 minutes.  

Spring is finally here, with slightly warmer weather.  Most of the snow is gone, at least in the areas that get a lot of sun.  I'll be keeping an eye out for spring greens, as they should be showing up soon.  I can't wait!

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