Sunday, March 22, 2015

Six is Too Many

Yesterday my family got together to celebrate our parents' 50th anniversary - hooray!  We decided to have a special dinner at their home, rather than go out.  There were 11 of us.  In the past, when we've roasted ducks, we've averaged 1 duck per 2 people.  I figured that was a reasonable estimate, so I bought 6 ducks.  Well, that was 3 ducks too many!

We also had tasty stuffed mushrooms which my sister-in-law brought, and rice, and asparagus with hollandaise sauce.  My husband spent the whole afternoon roasting 6 ducks in my mother's 3 ovens.  I rendered 9 pints of duck fat, which are now in the freezer.  (I'd thought ahead and brought a flat of pint jars with me.  The guy at the butcher shop suggested I make french fries with the duck fat.  I think that, or fried chicken, just might happen soon.)  Dinner went off without a hitch.

For dessert, we had an apple pie with ice cream.  When I made the pie on Friday, I hand placed each of the slices of apple.  It took a while, but it made the finished product more even and easier to work with.  And it was pretty.  See?

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad, with love from us all!

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  1. You out-did yourselves, all of you, and we DID have a wonderful time! The ducks were heavenly beautifully roasted and plentiful!! And the pie was exquisite! Thank you all for a very special occasion.


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