Friday, November 7, 2014

Venison Pie, Take Two

Now with less cursing!

I don't know what was really different about this crust and the last one.  Maybe the butter was more solid and that made the difference.  I used 1+1/2 sticks of butter, 1/2 cup of duck fat and 8 T. of cold water for each batch of crust, and made 2 batches because I split the venison mixture (which I made yesterday) between 2 standard pie plates rather than go the deep dish route.  Anyhow, it was a whole lot easier to work with and I powered through making 2 pies and 3 tarts.  Between our guests and ourselves we went through almost 1 pie and 2 cheese tarts.  So we have a venison pie and a cheese tart left, which will either be lunch or dinner in the next day or so.

As a side dish, I boiled and mashed all the rutabagas I had from the farm, with butter, milk and salt.  They're pretty awesome, actually.

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  1. My mom used to make mincemeat out of venison when I was young.
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