Friday, December 20, 2013

Gift Giving

Yesterday, the label printer was working overtime.  I was printing out gift labels for the jars of jams and jellies I am giving this year.  My husband asked, "How many labels are you printing?" because the printer just seemed to go on and on...


He was amazed at the sheer number of gifts.  Now, I think, he understands why I start working on the gift stash in the spring.

First up:  my work colleagues.  I've found that when I make gift baskets with jars of jam in them for the nurses' stations, there is this weird reluctance to open the jam.  I'm not sure why, but maybe because once it's in the fridge no one really thinks about it or goes looking for it?  Having dealt with that fridge, I try not to go looking for things in there, either.  So the nurses' stations get cookies.  But the docs and NPs and the administrative assistants get jam.  That's 24 right there.  I delivered almost all of them yesterday, and have a few more to go.

Next is the neighborhood; that's another 20.  Plus the various teachers, hairdressers, and other support people in our lives.  It does work out to about 50 in total.  If you include the gifts I give throughout the year, that's a lot of jars!

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