Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Duck and Mousse

What a Christmas Eve dinner that was!

I'm working a ton this week (with a plan to not work next Christmas, I hope!) and tonight was the night we planned our Christmas feast.  Because my husband had the day off and I didn't, he made the duck.  We found this web page that details, step by step, how to make a delicious and crispy roast duck.  He followed it to the letter, including the glaze.  And let me tell you, it was amazing!  Not only did we end up with an incredibly tasty duck, we rendered 3 cups of duck fat which are now solidifying in jars in the fridge.  We also saved the leftover glaze, which is honey, molasses, orange juice and soy sauce.  We skipped the sriracha sauce but, in retrospect, I suppose we could have added a few Brasilian hot peppers had we wanted it to be spicy.  Since we wanted the kids to eat it with us it's probably best we skipped the spicy things, because...

even the 8 year old ate the duck and really enjoyed it!

We also had a mixed rice dish and some green beans to round out the meal.  The rest of the duck bones are now in the freezer with a plan to resurrect the Turducken soup.

I decided we had to have some level of fancy dessert to go with all this savory goodness so I found this recipe for chocolate mousse and it, too, was glorious.  And easy.  And surprisingly rich for how light and fluffy it was.

We are very full, and now we just have to wait for Santa!

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