Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pasta with Garlic Mustard

The weather has finally turned warmer (although I hear we might get some sleet on Friday!) and the spring greens are starting to grow again.  Today I went for a little bike ride and found some garlic mustard greens.  I had been thinking about making a pesto with them but there just wasn't enough so I decided to come up with some sort of pasta dish and toss them in at the last minute.

I sautéed sliced chicken breasts in oil and then added a can of diced tomatoes, a small can of butter beans (drained), salt, pepper and a sprig of rosemary and let that simmer.  Near the end of the cooking time I added some frozen peas and let them cook.  I tossed this with fettuccine and the garlic mustard greens and served with a little parmesan cheese.

It worked pretty well, but everyone agreed it need more... something.  We just can't agree on what the something should be.  Regardless, maybe next time I'll add some onion, or more pepper.  Or balsamic vinegar?  Hmmm.


  1. Capers. When in doubt, I always add capers!

  2. I drizzled the leftovers with balsamic vinaigrette and that was pretty good, too.


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