Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tea Party

For many years, our birthday present for my mother was to go out for high tea.  There was a great little place in RI that served a beautiful tea and they were willing to have children as young as 4 as long as they were well behaved.  It became a tradition.  But, as is the case for all things, the place changed and the magic was gone.  We tried to find a new place and failed.  Instead, we decided to recreate the experience ourselves.
The scones (not pictured) are from this recipe for currant scones.  We used my one precious jar of elderberry jam and also some strawberry jam for those who might think the elderberry jam is too seedy.  And clotted cream.  Mmm, that clotted cream is awesome.  Happy belated birthday, Mom.

Cucumber, ham salad, egg salad and smoked salmon sandwiches.

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