Sunday, March 17, 2013

All or Nothing

Winter is always a slow time for canning but this year has been exceptionally slow.  Between work and everything else, my cooking time hasn't been what I wish it could be.  This afternoon I seem to be making up for it!

I wanted to make an Irish Soda Bread today for St. Patrick's day and I tried this recipe a week or so ago and we all really liked it.  Well, the 7 year old would have preferred it without raisins.  So I went to Whole Foods to get buttermilk and clotted cream and saw... Meyer lemons.  (Danger! Danger!) Anyhow, I figured I had some time and bought a bunch.  Enough to make three batches (6 half-pint jars) of Meyer lemon curd.  Yum.

Then I made a double batch of beef stroganoff for dinner (I know, not very Irish, right?) and am currently putting up 2 quarts of stroganoff for later dinners.  These are in the pressure canner at 10 pounds of pressure for 90 minutes while the rest of the stroganoff simmers and waits for dinnertime.  This time I used just shy of 4 pounds of stew beef, regular button mushrooms and a small package of baby bellas, shitake and oyster mushrooms, a couple of onions, some red wine, and 2 jars of Heinz mushroom gravy.  I usually use Dawn Fresh gravy, but the grocery store I have to use now (the one I liked closed, boo...) doesn't carry it.  Don't get me started on the grocery store thing...not only is my favorite store turning into a Whole Foods, which puts one within a mile of my house (remember? Danger!), but the more standard grocery is just a nightmare.  I avoid it whenever possible.

Lastly I made 2 loaves of the Irish Soda Bread - one with raisins and one without.  That ought to please everybody.


  1. Everybody was pleased! The soda bread looked like it came from a bakery: it was perfect!

  2. I have missed something somewhere. Why is Whole Foods DANGER!????

    Dang Chrome, which doesn't allow me to comment... I'm hoping IE will.

    1. Because I always spend waaaaay too much money there!


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