Saturday, January 21, 2012

Successful Yogurt Making

Yesterday I tried to make yogurt again.  I did 4 things differently:  I used pasteurized whole milk, I kept the milk at 185 degrees for a longer period of time,  I had the heating pad turned up all the way, and I strained the yogurt in butter muslin to make it less runny.  We didn't really have time to try it yesterday but I just had some today and it is much better!  It was a little lumpy but thicker and creamier than the last time.  Yum!


  1. Ok, sounds like you are working at it too hard. Really! Yogurt is simple! Why would you hold it at 185? Not sure why you would need a heating pad. I put mine in my gas oven with a towel wrapped around it and between the pilot light and the towel it works great. Now if you don't have a gas oven putting it in a small cooler with towels wrapped around it overnight I have heard works fine. I think you are killing some of your yogurt with too much heat.
    Here is my post on making yogurt:

  2. Maybe so. But even though I have a gas oven, it's the kind without a pilot light and it doesn't hold heat well (yes, I need a new oven, we've been planning a kitchen redesign for years...). I read somewhere that the longer you keep the milk at 185 the creamier the yogurt. I will say that straining it did improve the texture!

  3. Well, I do mine in the crock pot and only keep it in there until it heats up to 185, then cool it down to 100, then into quart jars and in the oven with a towel wrapped around it. Leave it there over night and it is perfect in the morning every time.


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