Monday, January 23, 2012


We have not made beer in years.  15 or 16 years!

Yesterday we were near the home brewing store and decided to stop by.  We left with a kit for an Irish stout and a lot of plans.  You see, they sell cheese presses, cheese wax, and all sorts of other do-it-yourself foodie things.  Squeeee!

So we hauled out our well preserved brewing equipment, took a trip back to the brewing store to replace the tubing, and got started.  First we steeped the grains at 150 degrees for 20 minutes to make the wort:
Then we boiled the wort and added the malt extracts and the hops.

Once the wort was cooled to about 70 degrees (we went out to dinner while this was happening, since it was going to take a while) we added more water to make the total volume about 5 gallons and the specific gravity about 1.050.  Then we pitched the yeast and closed it all up, with the airlock to keep out the bad beasties, and put it in the basement to ferment.  More later!

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  1. Jen's been homebrewing for the past few years! And her Irish Stout is just about ready to drink in another week or two. :) I'll have to bring in a few bottles for you guys to try.


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