Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still Fermenting

The other day we transferred the proto-beer to the 5 gallon carboy (the second rack).  It's specific gravity was 1.015, which means it was not quite ready.  Our problem has been that we rarely see the little bubbles coming through the airlock so it feels like nothing is happening at all.  We even moved it closer to the boiler so it would be warmer, thinking that maybe the basement was too cold.  Regardless, I think we're close to bottling day so I spent this morning washing labels off a dozen beer bottles.  I have another dozen to go and then we might buy a few growlers since we don't have enough 12 ounce bottles.  (We need around 50-55 bottles for a batch.)

It's been a busy couple of weeks otherwise, so there isn't a whole lot of cooking going on.

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