Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going from Green to Pink

Well, the tomatoes are done, for now, so it's time to move back over to the apples! In addition to the weekly farm share apples, which is a half-peck bag of some locally grown variety, we went apple picking over the weekend and have a half-bushel bag of Empires, Golden Delicious, and Cameo apples. (I already used up the Cortlands making a pie.)

This morning was set aside for making more applesauce. I came downstairs early, and faced a sink full of dishes. I needed to empty out the sink. Why was the sink full of dishes? Because the dishwasher was full to the brim with clean dishes. So I needed to empty out the dishwasher first. But before I could do that, I had to empty the drying rack.... and it went on and on. And in between the kids needed to eat, something about breakfast, and school, and so it took a while.

Finally I got the apples all cut and simmering and processed through the food mill. Since this is one of those batches where the skins were left on, the end result is a bright pink. Very pretty! I added 3 cups of white sugar to what was a little more than 4 quarts of applesauce. And no cinnamon, either. I wanted this batch to stay pink. Such a polar opposite to the green tomatoes!

And now I have a question. I am interested in this recipe: Honey-ginger Pickled Apples. (An aside, we used to live across the street from that restaurant, Evoo. Way back in 2001. The restaurant is now gone. The food was always amazing, and I expect this recipe to be. But I knew about this recipe not from the internet, but from an episode of Arthur on PBS in which, during the interstitial, a bunch of kids made this with the chef and proclaimed them to be yummy.) Anyway, my question is, how would one convert this to a canned product? Maybe change the sherry vinegar to cider vinegar? Any other suggestions?

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