Friday, July 9, 2010

Dilled Carrots

Last year I made a batch of dilled carrots on a whim, not really knowing what they tasted like or anything. We loved them. They were spicy and crisp. Yesterday's farm share included a bowl of carrots (everything is measured in mixing bowls...a bowl of greens, say, or 2 bowls of mix and match veggies, so you can pick what you want) and half a bowl is a lot of little carrots. It was a good time to make the dilled carrots again.

This year the farm doesn't seem to have fresh dill, at least not yet, so I bought some sprigs since I don't have the flower heads called for in the recipe (Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving). I did use the fresh garlic from the farm rather than the onions I had last year. This week's crop of carrots was enough to make 2 pints. That's good to start; they really don't take long so if I get an abundance of carrots again later I'll make more. I would have made them yesterday, but last night was the sausage making lesson. After we have some sausages for dinner I'll report in about that. Stay tuned!

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