Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OK, I Guess I Wasn't Done Yet

You would think that 28 small jars of preserves of various kinds would be sufficient for holiday gifts. However, we kept coming up with more and more names! So I decided I needed to make more key lime curd. (The Whole Foods was out of Meyer lemons.) I am not sure if you'd call this cheating or not, but I bought the key lime juice in a bottle and then zested a regular lime. 1 bottle of juice was enough for 3 batches of curd, which I made in one fell swoop rather than 3 separate batches. For this, the usual 2-saucepans-together double boiler wasn't going to be big enough, so I used the largest saucepan in my frying pan instead. It worked OK, nothing burned or anything, but it was really HOT because the frying pan was so much wider and so I was stirring over a larger area of boiling water. (My whisk has a really short handle, and I have singed my hand on more than 1 occasion...) This time I did not add the green food coloring, making the curd a more natural yellow color. With these 3 batches I have now made a total of 8 batches of this stuff!

Later this afternoon, the kids amused themselves by stealing all the jars and hiding them, and then using them as pedestals for tennis balls and other toys. I did finally get them all back...I think....

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