Tuesday, October 6, 2020

T Plus 36 Hours

In just 36 hours, my kitchen has gone from this:

to this:
and in the process we've discovered some fascinating and creative plumbing and electrical solutions from prior renovations that will likely pose some challenges. Not to mention three layers of floor before getting to the subfloor. 

Also in that time we've had the power out in the upstairs bathrooms that required us to pull out the paraffin lamps and camping lanterns (power is back, but it took a while today). And spent a full day unable to reach the basement without going outside. The basement is where the food and water are.

Tomorrow, we're told, the half-bath off the kitchen will be demolished and the plumber should come to work on the plumbing of the original bathroom upstairs, the one with the soldered brass pipes. If that can be completed in a day then the other bathroom, the one with the shower, meets its end on Thursday. 

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  1. Delay #1: this happened to our plumber the next day and he was, thankfully, ok but concussed and had to wait a week to come to work. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2078164383902/father-son-escape-serious-injury-when-massive-tree-crashes-down-on-car-in-gardner


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