Thursday, April 9, 2020

Not the Right Variety

It probably comes as no surprise that my family is a little spoiled when it comes to food. Applesauce is a prime example. I haven't had to buy applesauce from a store in years. YEARS. So we became accustomed to homemade, lightly sweetened applesauce. And then, last fall when we went apple picking, I didn't make any. I really can't explain why. So I bought some honeycrisps and made a few jars of applesauce.

Recently we ran out. And had to buy it from a store. And everyone noticed the difference.

So today, in between telemedicine visits that I'm now doing from home, I made a batch of applesauce. However, I had purchased a 5 pound bag of "Apples." I am not sure what variety they are, I know they aren't Red Delicious, but maybe they're Galas? Regardless, they are not the kind that break down easily with cooking. So they took longer and definitely had to go a few passes through the food mill to get to the right texture.

Ultimately I got a batch of about 4.5 pints of applesauce, lightly sweetened with 1/2 cup maple sugar and some cinnamon. Mmm. 

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