Friday, September 7, 2018

Double Thick

Since it's September and I have about one more month to feed the bees, it was time to make double strength syrup (2 pounds sugar per pint of water) to really fortify the honey stores for the winter. It's been either super rainy or super hot this week and today was the first chance I got to get into the hives safely. As before, Beeyonce's hive was mildly annoyed, but I checked a few combs and saw some honey, including some capped cells of honey, a very good sign. Phoebee's hive was very polite, and I was able to look at all the combs. I saw signs of honey production, nothing capped yet, but did see Phoebee and a decent amount of brood cells. Things are looking good.

As I continue to manage the huge amount of food from the share, I made another batch of salsa verde; I had about 20 ounces of tomatillos to start with and ended up with just under 2 pints worth of salsa. That's now canned and all set. Thankfully, now I have nothing currently sitting on the counter to be cooked except one spaghetti squash. I do have a few things left in the fridge, though this week we got through a lot of produce.

While the salsa was in the canner I prepped all the jars for the fair drop-off tomorrow. They needed address labels and ingredient labels. I think I now have everything all organized for tomorrow!

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