Tuesday, September 25, 2018

All Coming Together

For many years, I've dreamed of a new kitchen. We've done a lot of work on the outside of our house, most recently a new roof (last week, somewhat unexpected), but I've been planning for a new kitchen for ages, it seems. Last spring we hired an architect and started making plans. We were supposed to start construction last June, but that didn't happen. So we pushed it off to the fall, aka NOW, but that's not happening, either. At least, not quickly.

Two weeks ago, I went to the cabinet makers our architect recommended. They're coming in another few days to do a consultation in the space, so we can decide what to build and where. I knew what appliances I wanted and decided to wait to buy them until I had a better plan. But the universe decided otherwise. Exactly a week ago, our dishwasher died its final death. It'd been leaking for a while and we'd managed it, knowing we were going to get a new one eventually. Well, that eventually is now. I've been told not to cook anything that involves a colander until the new dishwasher is here.

Monday I bought a dishwasher. And a fridge. And two stoves, and a hood. I'll actually have a vent that goes outside! So exciting. We'll take delivery on the dishwasher next week (one more week of hand-washing...) and they will hold on to the rest until we're ready. Which is going to have to be soon.

It's time.

In the meantime, it's been really rainy on most of the days I've wanted to get into the hives so even though it was cold and overcast yesterday it was still a reasonable time to get in and change the feeders. I didn't do any inspecting; I decided to make it quick.

Today I went to the farm share in the rain, again. This time, instead of warm summer thunderstorm rain that pelts you like hail as you stand knee-deep in green beans and wonder if the lightning will decide you're the tallest thing around, it was that cold, raw, steady rain that chills you to your core. I skipped on some of the PYO part of the share, opting instead to get as many tomatillos as I was willing to work with. And cilantro. So I made a full batch of salsa verde.

The sauerkraut in my fermenter was finally done; after I canned the salsa verde I shoved it all into 6 pint jars and canned them as well. Lastly, I started a batch of bread.

Currently the dough is rising in the mixing bowl rather than smaller bowl, so there is one less thing to wash.

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