Saturday, August 25, 2018

Not a Drop

After a series of weekends when it wasn't possible to get into the hives, I went out this morning and to check on things. I felt it was time to start feeding them and so I got syrup ready and took a look.

Hive #1 was slightly aggressive, I didn't see Beeyonce but I did see larvae and capped brood. Hive #2 was not aggressive at all. I saw Phoebee, who seemed fine. I saw some larvae and some capped brood.

Here's what I didn't see: any honey whatsoever. In either hive.

Granted, that's not too surprising, given that it's August and this is when there is a dearth of nectar. The fact that the bees were relatively polite was a good sign that they're doing OK, but they needed food. It's a good thing I planned to start feeding them; I'll have to keep at it until October. Hopefully the Autumn nectar flows will help. And this year I'll have to make fondant for them.

Given that, I have no expectations of getting any honey next spring, at least, not until they're really producing for themselves.

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