Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Late in the Season

For strawberries, at least.

It's been hard to find a day when the weather was good and we were free and the strawberry fields were open. Today we got two out of three. It rained most of the way up to the farm but since it was supposed to clear up they opened the fields anyway. Good thing, as we didn't have another day to go and the fields should be depleted by the end of the week. We picked just over 11 pounds.

So far, I have made one batch of Strawberry Margarita Jam (note to self, ran out of triple sec and used a wedge of orange instead), one batch of Strawberry Jam and one of Strawberry Lavender Jam. For the latter, I infused the jam as it was boiling with 2 T. of lavender buds in an herb strainer. I have an idea that I can enter regular strawberry jam in the fair and then maybe try the themed entry again with the other strawberry jams - one each of lavender, thyme, and margarita.

I also set aside a quart of strawberries with sugar so I can make strawberry shortcake tonight. That leaves a quart for eating and another quart for...something. Suggestions welcome. I know the 11 year old would like a pie.

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  1. The plain strawberry won third place in the fair and the strawberry margarita and strawberry lavender, along with the strawberry thyme jam won second place in the fair!


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